Probleme with my own library


I’m beginner with the Rabbit, and I need your help please.
I created my own “.lib” file but I have a probleme with my compilation.

When I compile, a window opens and says:

“cannot open library files INICARTE.LIB.”

INICARTE.LIB. is the name of my file.

I think he found my file, but can not open and I don’t understand why??

thank you for your help.

Did you remember to add your library file in the LIB.DIR file.

yes I put my library file in the lib file and I add my library file in the LIB.DIR…
The compiler can not open my library file…
Does this comes from my library files?

All I can add is that you should make sure you have specified the path and name of your library file correctly in the LIB.DIR file.
To make sure specify the full path of your library file, not just the relative path.