Problems while reading PCI config space

I’ve got an NS9750 dev board that has been modified for using the P46 PCI slot on the back of the board according to the directions given in the “NS9750 Jumpers and Components” book page 6. I’ve put a 3com 3c905c-tx Ethernet board into the PCI slot for the first tests. My applicationStart() function only has a call to the following function, which is supposed to display the configuration space of all pci devices. ------ void pcif_test(void) { int fd, bytesRead, result, j, dev; pci_read_t readData; unsigned int configData[16]; char devicename[10]; for(dev=3;dev>=0;dev–) { sprintf(devicename,“/pci/%d”,dev); printf("%s
",devicename); fd=open(devicename,O_RDWR); if (fd<0) { printf("open error %d
“,fd); return; } memset(configData,0x55,sizeof(configData)); readData.function=pciFunc0; readData.headerType=pciType0; readData.busNumber=0; readData.pDest=configData; readData.source=0; result=read(fd,(char*)&readData,16); if (result==16) { for(j=0;j<16;j++) printf(”%02d: %08X
",j,configData[j]); } close(fd); } } ------ It works for /pci/0, but shows only 0xffffffff for all other devices. Do I need to do other initialisations besides the ones that are done within the board’s standard bsp? Can I safely assume this to be a hardware problem only?

Our Jumper and Component guide instructions are incomplete by one resistor. Please add a 0-Ohm resistor, 0603 package, to location R566. It is located on the center top side of the board, at position “1 o’clock” relative to the NS9750 processor chip. This resistor is critical to the PCI clock circuit.