Programmble Xbee : flash + low power

We are using Xbees (XB1, XB2, XB6) for more than 10 years (Rmoni Wireless) and now we are trying to get a programmable Xbee (S2C TH) working. I have 2 questions :

  1. long sleep Xbee Sample App:
    The lowest power consumption i get is +/- 130 µA
  • only vdd (3.3V) and GND connected
  • keep uptime is enabled : +/- 60µA (needed for waking up the app)
    (this is a huge power-consumer, we should check if we can get rid of it)
    But anyway, i would expect to reach < 80 µA.
    What are normal rates?
  1. flashing in release
    Now, i am testing with the debuggable bootloader and then transferring my code with the USB MultiLink Interface.
    How to flash release version (in production) ? can it with old XCTU? Other?
    Can this be the cause of the high power-consumption?

Thanks in advance,
Mark Kestens
CTO, Rmoni Wireless

There are directions on how to port code over via the UART instead of the debugger. But you can use either method.

There are two processors. You need to set all of the unused DIO functions to output low on the RF processor in order to obtain the lowest possible sleep current.