Pthreads example.

Just purchased the JumpStart kit for the Me9210 device. Setup went smoothly and I was impressed with how easy the kit was able to get going.

I have been going through the example target programs and have been trying to compile and execute the “pthreads” example. All compiles well, however the example aborts when it can’t find “”. It is correct in that the library is not in the /libs directory of the target. I’ve gone looking for it, but cannot seem to find it.

I’ve Googled for information on “pthreads”, but cannot find any source code for it, only a few references for “pthreads-stubs”.

I must be overlooking something simple here. Can someone help me resolve this? Thanks.

Doug Wendelboe
Advanced Monitoring Systems Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

I’ve found indication that “pthreads” may be part of either libc or glibc. One source of download is at:

After extracting the source code from glibc, an LKM apparently must be formed. The resultant loadable kernel module can then be copied to the 9210 /lib directory.