pushbutton and led practice

I have just started using xbee rf modules a week ago and I have some trouble to set up a pushbutton and led scenario. I configured the two modules (with a xbee explorer) according to many tutorials I found using xctu (Version: 6.3.8) but the led did not turn on when I pressed the button. so my question is … how can I verify that the D0 pin that I configured as Digital Input[3] receives a HIGH signal.
Is there any recent tutorial on this topic?

Thank you


What firmware version are you working with and what is the part number of the XBee modules you are working with?

@mvutt Thank you for helping !! Firmware version of transmitter 14ef and for the reveiver (follower) 10ef.
I am using 2 xbees XB 24. part mac address RX 416A1641 TX 416A1741. do you need any other specs?

Have you looked in the manual for the example on how to perform DIO line passing?


Thank you mvutt. I fixed the issue.
Any Idea on using gateway ? I am using this time xbee pro s2c to send button pressed info te the cloud.

That is something I would suggest looking at one of the XBee Cloud kits for.