PWM output


Is it possible to have a PWM output with a Xbee series 2? I can’t find any AT command to do so.

Thanks for reply!

Yes, it is. The PWM output can be also used for Checking RSSI value.

I hope AT command P0 or P1 can be used… Need to check this… It would be there in the xbee zb product manual

I have xb24cz7pis modules. It is impossible to control PWM out on this module. I asked Digi about it fnd the answer was:

“The module you are using does not offer an option to control the PWM output. However if you were to use our Programmable version of the XBee ZB module (, you could write an application on the 2nd processor that is included to control the PWM output. For more information on that, please go to:

Nice one thank , I’l have a read of that hold page when back on the pc , looks interesting .

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