Python script - Allow Joins?

Hi Everyone.

I have a few ConnectPortX2 Zigbee to Ethernet gateways.

I am wondering if in the python script if there is a commandto have the device to ‘allow joins’? I know I can set the ‘NJ’ parameter… and rebooting the device will have it allow joins for the time set

zigbee.ddo_set_param(X2Address, ‘NJ’, 0xB8)

but is there a command to put the device in to a mode where it will allow joins without rebooting?



You should not have to reboot the device, just issue the command.

From the XBee ZB guide

Node Join Time. Set/Read the time that a Coordinator/Router allows nodes to join. This value can be changed at run time without requiring a Coordinator or Router to restart. The time starts once the Coordinator or Router has started. The timer is reset on power-cycle or when NJ changes.

Thanks Kurte…

•Pressing the commissioning button twice (enables joining for 1 minute)

•Issuing the CB command with a parameter of 2 (software emulation of a 2 button press - enables
joining for 1 minute).

‘NJ’ works only if the value changes which is what I didn’t know… and it takes too much effort to change the script while developing. I like the CB command perhaps… I will test it to see it it really works.