Qt libraries provided with DigiEL-5.0 have been built incorrectly

I’ve found that the Qt 4.4.3 libraries supplied with DigiEL-5.0 have a problem converting between double precision floating point and numerical ASCII representations.

The symptoms that led me to finding this are:
Application locks up using 100% CPU when setting a style sheet that uses a gradient fill pattern.
Application locks up using 100% CPU when using QString to format a double precision number (using QString::arg()).

To fix this problem, the qt-embedded libraries need to be rebuilt, specifying -armfpa on the configure script’s command line. Without -armfpa, the script tries to auto-detect the target’s floating point byte order, but fails and picks an incorrect default, resulting in the libraries using the wrong byte order for floating point internal representations.

I’ve updated to DigiEL-5.2, and found that the Qt libraries still have this problem.

Hi, I updated using package manager to del-5_2-qt45 (QT V 4.5.3) and now this is solved.