Question about range and boost mode

Hi, I have some questions about range.

Now, I’m doing test of a range of XBee depending on both type of antenna and type of module, using Xctu and range test(rssi).

Result is below: ( signal strength )

(XBee S2C + wire antenna) > ( XBee 3 pro U.FL + 5 dBi antenna ) (about -15 dBm differnece)

(XBee 3 pro U.FL + 5 dBi antenna) has a similar power with (XBee 3 pro RPSMA + 5 dBi antenna) and (XBee S2C U.Fl + 5 dBi antenna)

Above results tell me that a type of antenna is more important that module type with respect to a range.

  1. Why the module having the strong signal is XBee S2C, not XBee 3 pro? that’s just because of antenna?

    • 15 dBm difference will be an important thing in a messy Environment ( large metal structure, about 15m distance, another Zigbee PANs nearby - 20m distancce )?
  2. My XBee S2C(wire antenna) shows -20 ~ -40 dBm rssi in a distance of 10m(in my office). Is it reasonable and acceptable value?

  3. What is boost mode? It’s just full-power mode and out of control when operating?

please, let me know. Thank you.

Yes that would be why. Your type of antenna will effect the ability to listen and overall gain.

Yes, in the presence of loud noise, it would be important.

Yes that is what I would expect.

No, boost mode increased the output power by about 1 to 2 db.