Questions about ME

Ive built my own board and i can access digi ME, this board has an serial interface RS232 converter and works fine, i can access the module by browser or telnet. Considering it i have 2 questions.

My application need TXD and RXD to work so i have the other pins available to GPIO. My question is: if i use the serial interface could i use the GPIO at the same time? For example: i ran an application in my computer, this program uses a virtual serial port to monitor an UPS in a remote location and in this same time there is sensor connected to one of GPIO (for example DCD) and i want it to send an alarm to a mail. will it work?




Provided that you have no need for teh standard serial control signals, i.e. RTS, CTS, etc. then yes, you can have a seriall connected device (using a simple 2-wirte interface) and still have 5 GPIO available to you.


Thank you Cameron.