Rabbit Real Time Clock (RTC) question

I am a newbie to controller programming, but I was asked to take some existing code and add a time stamp to the data packets it sends out from the controller.

This is a Rabbit 3200 controller, by the way.

The time stamp has to be down to the millisecond, and has to reflect the real time of creation. This means I can’t use any of the timer variables TIMER_SEC(?) for example.

After some research we decided to use the six registers of the RTC clock, but we are running into two problems:

a.) The documentation says that the RTC register contents are set according to MegaHertz per second. Any good way to translate that into a date?

b.) When I run the program, with my mods in Dynamic C, the contents of the registers do not change.

I read the Rabbit 3000 manual and it looks like they should, but they only change when I recompile the program and rerun it. Is this a feature of Dynamic C? Did I misread the manual? It seems the contents should change, but they don’t.