RCI via SCI for XBee s6b .. how to query state of IO pin set for input?

I have read other posts with this question… I, too, can only read settings of IO pins but not states using RCI via SCI. Not sure what descriptors to use. query_state returns only a few state descriptors for a cloud connected XBee s6b.

Not sure if this is what you are looking for, however I typically query the DataPoint/DataStream data for the current IO value:

For example:


You can then arrange in date order or specify a date range, etc…

Sure, I do this as well, however it would be great to be able to “reach through the cloud to the device” (using RCI via SCI) and get ONLY the CURRENT state of an io pin without all the history. ‘Settings’ work this way, but apparently not ‘states’. The manual indicates RCI can “Inspect and configure device state”, but apparently not the state of an IO pin. If a connection was lost, it would be handy to get the then-current state.

I capture the current/latest reading (without history) using the following syntax:


It may be possible another way, but I am not familiar. Perhaps someone else on this forum may have additional insight.

Yes … we do the same, however, as we understand it, this still comes from the stream history stored in the cloud service which depends on a persistent connection. In case the connection was lost for any period of time, the most recent state change might not be in the stream history and it would be useful to go to the device (to, at least, get the current state), by using RCI over SCI similar to the manner in which we change can change the output of an IO pin using RCI via SCI.

In that case, I recommend posting your query in the RF Solutions and XBee category rather than Device Cloud. Data can only be collected from the cloud if the device sends it up.