RCM 5600 Serial B


I’m using RCM5600 module and I’m having problems with serial port B.
When I open serial port B it works just fine untill calling readUserBlock function.
When readUserBlock is called the serial port B ( PC4 and PC5 ) outputs some strange data.

Does anyone know something about it?


You need to look at section 4.2.1 in the RCM5600W User Manual. Serial port B is used for the serial Flash for the SPI interface and should be used with care.


The RCM5600W MiniCore module provides a compact module in a mini PCI Express form factor with integrated Wi-Fi/802.11b/g functionality to allow you to create a low-cost, low-power Wi-Fi based control and communications solution for your embedded system. [>:)]

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Thank you.

I read the user manual and I tried to do the serial sharing,but it did not work so good.

I tried to close serial port B before writing or reading serial flash.
But I think I need to do more then this because software suddenly stops and get stuck in some point.

What more could I do to correct the sharing?

I need a sample code to understand how to do this.

Thank you very much.

Unless you can put external gating logic on your serial port I would not recommend using serial port B for any other purpose on the RCM5600. You will find that there will be very high speed data on the serial lines at power up as the serial flash is loaded into RAM and there will be isssues any time you need to access the serial flash (for example if you decide to set up a file system in the unused portions etc). Can you use one of the other serial ports.