RCM3000 Out of XMEM code space

I’m trying to get my IDE set up so I can compile my code, I purchased a business from someone and they sent me the code, as it is I know it will compile. I just need to set up the IDE to compile it properly.

I have turned on Separate I&D, turned off debugging kernel (don’t have to but I did), set optimize for size, tried altering DATAORG, I can switch from 0x9000 that gives me out of xmem code space to 0xA000 and that gives me out of variable data space so I’m running out of total memory.

What else can I do to make this code fit?

You should read Tecn Note 238 that deals with this error:
SubscribeTechnical Note: TN238 - Rabbit Memory Usage Tips

Found at this link: