RCM3100 Obsolete

Will there be a replacement compatible core module for the RCM3100 since this is going obsolete

The RCM3110 is going obsolete, but Digi is continuing to manufacture the RCM3100. RCM3110 users can easily recompile their program for the RCM3100, which has 512KB of RAM (vs. 128K on the RCM3110) and 512KB of flash (vs. 256K on the RCM3110).

There are manufacturing delays due to part shortages, so I can’t quote any available ship dates. As of right now, Digi-Key is showing 1,524 in stock of the RCM3100 (20-101-0517). And still has 80 of the now-obsolete RCM3110.

Ok great thanks for clearing that up for me.