RCM3400 Making SPI work to read PS/2 keyboard??

hi all
have been trying to make Port C read a regular ps/2 keyboard. i took the connector off an old motherboard, wired up the lines carefully, it should have the CLK and DATA lines going into the RxD p5 and RxC p4

the ps/2 has 5v and ground and am using J5 on this prototype board.

I am trying to find info/help on how to initialize this in the right mode using the clock/data but so far ALL the examples have not worked right.

tried 2 different ps2 keyboard files in the yahoo groups; In the RCM3400 samples there is an SPI that interfaces with an ADC chip, this ran to show the samples, which were none; i dont have a scope handy to see the output of the keyboard; tried 2 different ones.

Right now its not about ‘decoding’ the keypress its only about finding a program that runs.

Some program that has the ports defined out so that its not so hard to set it up. Hard meaning the bits have to be mapped out manually after absorbing the configuration, as its like the SDCR has to be 1 in bit 5 if its tuesday and its not raining outside, otherwise SDCCR bit 4 is a 0 if the FDCR is not FF00 or 0E78 to 0F30.

I know its Port C, that Im using SPI and that looking/searching, one thread said it should be SPI slave mode (dont know how thats set), the data/clock are J5 p4,5 or vv

Looking for a nicer serial port SPI program; am running v9.62 but also have v9.21

the program should show either continious port C reads or have an interrupt driven way to show it