RCM4120 with CFAG12864A-TMI-VN Sample/Example also ADC/DAC Chips

Hey guys,

Wondering if anybody could help me out with a sample program to start off a little quicker with running the Crystalfontz CFAG12864A-TMI-VN.

I have a RCM4120 core module.

Also, if by any chance anybody has worked with a MAX192BCPP (8-Channel, Serial 10-Bit ADC) or MAX528CPP(Serial, 8-Bit DAC with Output Buffers) with the RCM4120 (or any Rabbit microcontroller)?

I am using the DAC/ADC to read back a 0-5V output from 8 other modules, and set 0-5V on them as well…

I am waiting on some connectors and such before I get things up and running, so I haven’t even looked into the code yet… Just trying to get a jump start.

Thanks for any info,