RCM4200 Ethernet Speed -- Can it run at 100 Mbps?

I’ve been using the RCM4200 for a couple of years now, but I just found an interesting line in the User’s Manual that gave me pause.

“The RCM4200 uses 10 Mbps Ethernet, so the hub or Ethernet adapter can be a 10 Mbps unit or a 10/100 Mbps unit.” – (page 75 of 019–0159 • 070928–C)

All of the specs say 10/100 Mbps, but the above line would seem to say that the module runs at 10 Mbps.

The “speed” LED is lit when connected to a 100 Mbps switch, and the chip is apparently capable of 100 Mbps, but I don’t really know what speed the operating system might be choosing.

Can anyone clarify this?