RCM43000 and TCPIP failure (sleep mode !?)


My configuration is the following :

  • RCM 4300 with our own reception board
  • Dynamic C 10.72
  • Computer under W10
  • Software with TCP-IP and embedded web site

When my card is powered on with the ethernet cord connected, I can connect as many times as I want, in TCP-IP or via our embedded web site and everything works fine for weeks.

I would need your expertise because when we make physical disconnections from the ethernet connector, we end up losing the connection and the TCP-IP and the web site does not work anymore as if the card went to sleep. It’s working again well after an ON/OFF of the main board.

The ethernet hardware block seems to be desactivated and there is a drop in power consumption of about 100mA. We observed this phenomenon on 4 identical products.

Is there a solution so that the standby mode does not occur?

Thanks a lot for your advice,

Please try recompiling your program with Dynamic C 10.72E, which includes multiple bugs fixes to the ASIX Ethernet driver, in addition to a significant number of changes and improvements.

The Release Notes for 10.72E list all of the changes since the 10.72 release.

Specifically, 10.72A included a change to recover link when the cable has been disconnected for over 20 minutes, and 10.72B improved on that change by allowing up to 8 seconds to re-establish link instead of just 2 each time it tried to re-establish link.

Thanks a lot.

Where could I download Dynamic C 10.72E.
Your link is only about the realease note.

Best regards

If you click on “View” from that original link, it should go to a form you fill out to reach the actual download.

But this should take you directly to the download:


Thanks a lot.
I didn’t see the “view” button

The new version is working well. The link is recover well automotically.
Our customer will be happy…

Best regards