RCM5600W - loosing wifi connection

RCM5600W module problem . It works fine untill some EM disturbance happen. After that the loop of the main programm is running but module is not able to find (to scan) any SSID (module have to search for SSID in case of any disconnection).
I’ve checked wifi status and found module continuously perform scanning. I tried to scan for SSID in the loop of the main program but module can not to find any SSID and it should be the reason for continuous scanning. It seems analog WiFi part of the module is disabled.
Unfortunately all WiFi***.lib are closed and I can not to debug the problem. Should be usefull some functions to control (to reset) wifi analog part of RCM5600W (Airoha chip etc…)
Anybody can advice solution???

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Hi, this problem was a long time ago, but did you find a solution?