RCM5700 external sram

A install a extra sram AS7C34096 into the RCM5700 board.
The external ram works fine. It can store data, or running code in it.
The external sram uses CS1 OE1.

I am sure the external sram is OK, if I force the CS_RAM to CS1 OE1 WE1 for “store program in flash”, MB2CR is 0xC5 which mean it point to the external sram.

But if I change BOARDTYPES.LIB:

#if BOARD_TYPE == RCM5700
//the RCM5700 has only 128k of internal RAM available
#ifdef RAM
#error “The RCM5700 does not support compiling to”
#error " RAM when Separate I&D space is enabled."
#fatal " Turn off Separate I&D or compile to flash."
//#define CS_RAM (CS3OE0 & _MBC_CS_MASK)
#define CS_RAM (CS1OE1 & _MBC_CS_MASK) //change it here

And then choose “compile-> store program in ram” it stopped just after the RabbitBios.c is transfered. There is not response from the target board, and the Dynamic C stopped!

Is there some code need to be changed if I choose to compile in EXTERNAL sram?



Solve it by updating to DC10.54

It look working while sometime, but maybe stopped at the point stdbios is transfered. I had test several board, they have the same kind of problem.
So I think maybe some problem inside bios?

N:Deed to change the pilot.bin to get it enable cs1.

Hello wiserltz,

I want to install an AS7C34096 sram into RCM5700 too. I’ve understood all steps, but i don’t understand the last one “Change the pilot.bin”. May you tell me that it means?

Thank you!

If you want to use the External sram to be choose as the default sram when boot up,
you can simply change the BIOS. But by this you will not be able to debug that program, you will have to change pilot.bin to select the external sram as default one also.

How can I change pilot.bin? Where is source code file for pilot.bin?


There is not source for pilot.bin, this is only a file that contain triplet machine code.

If there isn’t source code for pilot.bin, how did you know where enable CS1 in pilot.bin?


Hack the machine code!