Reading PEDR

I am trying to do a simple project to learn how to use the Rabbit.
I have 8 buttons connected to PortE and depending on which one is pressed the data will be sent out the serial portB.
I am wanting to connect an LCD to the Rabbit to show the PEDR, this will give the status of which buttons are pressed. When I use the function:
serBputs(RdPortI(PEDR)); I get a string containing the text "Rabbit Core version with a bunch of ascii characters. This does not make sense to me since I thought this register was only eight bits. Shouldn’t the serial out be a hex value or the ascii equivelant if I use Hyperterminal?

Any help would be greatly appreciatted,

The problem is that serBputs expects a null terminated string as its parameter, not an integer value, which is what RdPortI returns. Try using serBputc instead, it will demote the integer to a character and send it.