Receiving duplicate TX Status API messages...

Note : I am already working with a digi representative (E.F.) on this one, but I was wondering if anyone else was seeing the issue too.

I have an XbeePro messaging system operating in API mode=2.

In one test I ran, I created a 64-bit TX Request packet (API ID = 0x00) with the radio with Frame ID field set to non-zero (to request an ACK upon receipt of the message).

After sending the packet to the radio, I receive between 1 and 18 “TX Status” packets (API ID = 0x89) in response. Each TX Status is identical - all report that the message was ACKed. The number of duplicate messages returned does not seem to correspond to anything.

I can repeat this using the X-CTU software and an Xbee development board, so I have ruled out my own software as the cause of these.

Has anyone else seen duplicated TX Status packets? My concern is the bandwidth being consumed by all this extra activity - both on the radio and on my interfacing processor.


  • Tony H.