Relinquish thread in CGI callback functions?

Is it safe and/or practical and/or even possible to relinquish the thread from the callback function associated with a CGI RP tag while waiting for another thread to complete it’s task (the task that will give me the response to send to the RP call)? Will that inhibit the AWS from responding to other requests or have any other detrimental effects?

It’s not a huge deal 99.9% of the time, there will only ever be one user connected. The other .1%, there will be 2 users.


The advanced web server (AWS) is single threaded. If you hold it up, no one else will be able to access it. Also if you hold it too long, you risk that connection timing out.

Thanks for the reply. Thats kind of what I figured.

Incidentally, I found some information in the AWS Toolkit documentation on page 137 under “Delayed functions - external tasks” about API calls you can make to tell the RomPager engine that the CGI call is going to take a while.