Reset/Format Filesystem

I use the connectme with flash file system.
Now i have create a corrupt file and i cant delete it.
when i want to delete this file with the command “NAFSdelete_file” i became the error code -4 “NAFS_BLOCK_NOT_MAPPED”.
What can i do to correct the filesystem?


I previously had this problem and got a number of field failure because flash files system got corrupted.

I have solved it by changed the initialization of the flash disk. This is done in BSP.H where you add the flag NAFS_ENABLE_POWER_LOSS_RECOVERY to the BSP_NATIVE_FS_FLASH0_OPTIONS options. If flash0 is corruption you need to do a reset that reinitializes the file system. During inititialization the corruption is fixed.

Best regards,
Thomas Maltesen