Revisit Python Compile X2 / X4 (Connect Port)

Hi folks - somewhat new to these forums.
I recently searched some compile references for the X2 / X4.

I would like to complile my code:
1 - I import a dozen or so licenses
2 - What kind of performance increase could I get?
3 - Do I compile on the connect port itself?
4 - What options are available and what should I use?
5 - What Python references should I look at?
6 - How do I run the compiled script?
7 - What Python versions am I looking at?
8 - What do I put in the auto-start entry to run the compiled version?

Thanks everyone!


Hi Gary,

PYC files will not run on the gateway (X2/X4).

You’ll want to use python version 2.4.3 for the X2 or X4.

There is a Digi Python Wiki site here:

You can use the digi ESP development tool to write python:

that builds and loads the python app automatically onto the gateway. Otherwise you can use some other tool and manually upload the files to the gateway (homepage -> applications -> python).

I’m not sure about your questions on importing licenses and performance increases. Perhaps if you provided more details I could comment futher.