RSSI between nodes in python


Im trying to get the RSSI values between nodes as one can do with LQI values. So i know that the RSSI value can be obtained with this code:

import zigbee, struct
rssi_raw = zigbee.ddo_get_param(‘[00:13:a2:00:40:0a:12:96]!’, ‘DB’)

rssi_val = struct.unpack(‘=B’, rssi_raw)

Now the problem here is that the DB command give us the RSSI of the last packet received, so:

¿Is there a way to know from what node the RSSI value came from?

One idea that i have is to set the Broadcast Hops (BH) to 1 and issue a Node Discover command. I don’t know if i can read the DB fast eough or while the discover is in progress.

I want to confirm with Digi if the DB command only shows RSSI for the last packet addressed to that radio, or if it also includes packets that were relayed. (ie when the radio acts as a hop between others)

So please if there is a way to know from which node the DB command came will be great.

If not, is there a way to get the RSSI value and know from which node is referring to?

Is too important that i get the RSSI value and know from what node that value came.

Here is the devices im using:

ConnectPort X4 - ZNet 2.5 with ethernet. (X4-B11-E-A)
XBee RS-485 Adapter - ZNet 2.5 (formerly Series 2) (XA-B14-CS3R)
XBee ZB/ZNet 2.5 Development Kit w/ 2 XBee-PRO modules & 3 regular XBee modules (XB24-BPDK)

Thanks in advance