run time error:bad parameter passed to I/O function

i had a rabbit 3000, dynamic c 8.61 worked fine. i conpiled a program. sometimes it can work fine, but sometimes i get this run time error message.
run time error: bad parameter passed to I/O function.
line: 0

the first line is wd = VdGetFreeWd( 255 );

if i got this run time error, i run another program which can work well and then i run this program, it can work fine again.
Any help will be appreciated.

BL2610 no Ethernet, dynamicC 9.21

I have a similar problem.

At random intervals, I will get this message after compiling to Flash and running.

I can compile and run in RAM without trouble.

After I get the problem, it persists until I hit some unclear magic combination of compiling other code then returning to the initial code.

For me, it appears as if the actual code that runs isn’t relevant.