Rx timeout on API commands parsing

Hello there,
I have a question regarding incoming (Send to the Xbee from an external MCU) data through the uart interface. If I operate in API mode with the Xbee, what is the maximum time between each sent byte before Xbee module will have a reception timeout?
Lets say I want to send an AT command from MCU to the Xbee. Instead of sending all bytes at once, I stopped for a while (a time larger than the in between bytes time that comes from the baudrate) after 3rd byte and then wanted to continue. Will Xbee wait for the second part of the command or yeld a timeout after first part and then misunderstand the second part?
I would appreciate all help.

When using API mode, i am not aware of any timeout period being implemented. It is just a matter of when the full packet is received.

Are there no conditions in which packet transmission is interrupted/ canceled?

Just a reset or power cycle.