Samples before transmision in XBee 900 HP

It’s is possible to get X number of samples before data transmission using XBee 900HP ?
Because I read that is it possible in other XBee Firmwares like XBee 802.15.4

Yes, the 900 HP does offer a Sample rate setting (IR) that can be used. But it does not offer the ability to send after so many samples like the 802.15.4 does.

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I’m implementing about 7 XBees that are physically near each other, in the same frequency channel. How XBee deal with data that are simultaneously sending for a sample rate of 32 Hz for example. Because these devices doesn’t have a sync mechanism. They have some channel avoidance mechanism that will ensure that packets won’t collide or get lost when simultaneous data are exchanging? or there is some command that I can configure to avoid this?

That would depend on the Configuraiton of the radios. First the radio will perform a clear channel assesment. If that passes, then it transmit the packet based off of the MT, RR , DL and DH values. If it is a broadcast packet, then it is sent MT+1 times in rappid scucession. If RR is enabled and it is a Unicast transmittion, then it is sent RR+1 times or until the ACK is recieved.