Sampling from many sensors interference

I’m using an XBee S2 module for sampling from three analog sensors; I have linked them to AD0,AD1 and AD2 and I send the values from this node (Router/end Device) to a Coordinator node. This works properly.
My question is:
is possible to link these three sensors to the same power supply of the xbee? into the same circuit?
My problem is that if the value of a sensor changes, this affect the value of the other sensors, and this is not good.

I’m using a brightness sensor (LDR) a temperature sensor (LM35) and a moisture sensor.

Is the circuit the problem or other Xbee module problem that I don’t know?

Providing you can provide the proper voltage and current draw, there is no reason why the sensors and the XBee module can be all powered from the same source. If you are having issues with this, the either your have not filtered the power properly or you have not provided enough current to power all of the devices. Try adding a larger power supply first to see if that resolves the issue.