Schematics of the eval-board

Is it possible for NETSILICON to distribute the schematics of the eval board to those interested? I’d like to use your symbols etc. for my design to circumfer error prone own editing. Of course, I would need them in the native format, e.g. in ORCAD Capture or Veribest or whatsoever format. Regards Gerhart Hlawatsch

We supplied the Veribest design file to Olaf Schiller on Saturday, 2-Oct-04

Appreciate if you can forward the design file to me.

I also am in need of the schematic files for the eval board of NS9750. Could you forward them to me also. Unfortunately, we use ViewDraw but I will take them in any and all formats in the event we can convert them. Thanks, Bruce Coyne

I’m very interested in these schematics, too. Thx in advance.