Sending data from arduino to xbee and uploading value to digi cloud


I’m new in this so I’m asking for help.

  1. I have program in arduino IDE to send some values to XBEE WI-FI S6B.


SoftwareSerial xbee(2, 3); // RX, TX
char c = ‘A’;
int pingPong = 1;

void setup() {
Serial.println( “Arduino started sending bytes via XBee” );

// set the data rate for the SoftwareSerial port
xbee.begin( 9600 );

void loop() {
// send character via XBee to other XBee connected to Mac
// via USB cable
xbee.print( c );

//— display the character just sent on console —
Serial.println( c );

//— get the next letter in the alphabet, and reset to —
//— ‘A’ once we have reached ‘Z’.
c = c + 1;
if ( c>‘Z’ )
c = ‘A’;

//— switch LED on Arduino board every character sent—
if ( pingPong == 0 )
digitalWrite(13, LOW);
digitalWrite(13, HIGH);
pingPong = 1 - pingPong;
delay( 2000 );

I also can see values in serial monitor (arduino IDE tools option).

  1. Like I said I’m using xbee wi-fi s6b and XCTU. In the XCTU I setup xbee (Soft AP mode) and SSID.
    Now I have problem: I’m connected to xbee (like wifi connection) and in XCTU console I dont see any data receiving from arduino program.

  2. I will try to send data from arduino–>xbee–>to digi cloud. I added xbee into it by MAC address. Next will be taking this data from cloud and send it to android mobile app - just to show the value.

Any suggestion?

Tnx for answer.

Is XBee continuously connected to laptop in Soft AP mode? If yes, then in that case it don’t have access to internet. In XCTU, you have to use “Active Scan” button and connect module to an Access Point with internet capability.

Second, check “DO” parameter of module to make sure that transmission of data to cloud is enabled (Bit 2).

If everything is set correctly, then you should be able to see this data under “Data Files” in Device Cloud.

Hi again,

tnx for you answer…now I got this in console log (XCTU). I wonder what is meaning of it, can you please help me?


2B 2B 2B 4F 4B 0D
41 54 57 52 0D
4F 4B 0D
41 54 41 43 0D
4F 4B 0D
41 54 43 4E 0D
4F 4B 0D

Thanks. If you need screen of mine XCTU settings please let me know your email address.