Sending multiple commands to Xbee sleeping end device

Hi all,
I have an xbee module in cyclic sleep mode that sleep for about 5 sec, then wake up for 500ms and the go to sleep again and so on… I need to send multiple commands to this module in api mode but I have a problem… when it sleep only the last message is sent from coordinator. In detail I need to set a digital pin in high state for about 200 ms and then in low state again… the problem is when the commands are sent when the module is sleeping… when it wake up only the second command (digital pin to low state) is sent from coordinator, so nothing happens. Any solution? Is there any possibility to send more commands in api mode in a single frame?
Thank you in advance.

You are going to need to use an external processor to perform this function as you can only send up to 100 bytes or two indirect messages to a parent router node as defined in the Zigbee IEEE specifications.