serial control with hex strings through hyperterminal or matlab

Cannot communicate with the pump controller using MATLAB or hyper terminal.
Can communicate with the same pump through the software provided by the manufacturer.
The command format is using hex strings, for example, the following command line sets it running
e9 01 06 57 4a 00 e8 00 01 01 f2

the following is my matlab code
s1 = serial(‘COM1’, ‘BaudRate’, 1200,‘databits’,8,‘parity’,‘even’,‘stopbits’,1);
%str=‘E9 01 06 57 4A 00 E8 00 01 01 F2’
%str=‘233 01 06 87 74 232 00 01 01 242’
fprintf(s1,‘%s’, str);
out1 = fscanf(s1)
get (s1)

I have tried all formats %s, %d, %x,�… does not work
I look forward to receiving some help on this

Why are you posting on the rabbit forum about a Matlab issue?

Have you tried to receive the string you are sending again, to see if it looks the same?

Because I have seen other members post such issues here and quite frankly its not strictly a matlab issue.
In any case, from reading many posts online, it appears that the machine is looking for the hex string in a byte array format. I will do the conversion and give this a shot today.
Thanks for your attention.

I am tring this issue… not important using matlab or different program, problem is serial port reading or writing…