Serial data on RX side of XBEE radio pair is different from what was sent

I have a pair of 900HP UB Digi XBEE radios. I am trying to send NMEA0183 serial data from one radio to the other so that the information can be read remotely.

If both radios are connected to XCTU, the data that is transmitted matches exactly the data that is received. For example, if I type “hello world” in the console of one radio, “hello world” appears in the console log of the receiving radio. Both radios have identical serial baud rate, stop bit, flow control, and parity settings.

However, if I have the radios connected to different computers the TX hex string does not match the RX hex string.

For example if I send the NMEA0183 ASCII string: $GPGLL,3751.65,S,14507.36,E*77
the correponding hex string is: 24 47 50 47 4C 4C 2C 33 37 35 31 2E 36 35 2C 53 2C 31 34 35 30 37 2E 33 36 2C 45 2A 37 37

But the hex string that is received is totally different and results in garbeled ASCII sencens.

Any ideas?

Sounds like your local XBee on the PC side is either at a different baud rate or in API mode.