Does anyone of a way to strip the NULL off of a char string sent to the ser port?

I’m new to the Dynamic C.



The null character isn’t transmitted on the serial port. It only indicates to the serXputs function where the string ends.
So it is already “stripped”.

Thanks for the quick reply.

What I am trying to fo is to emulate a control string from the Rabbit to an RS232 device.

There is a GUI that is the device’s remote control. When I capture the sent string from the GUI it is length=6 with no char before the .

When I try to duplicate the command with the Rabbit I get a Length=7 with a space just before the .

Something is in the string that isn’t there in the GUI.

Any thoughts?



Ok post your capture and send code, I’ll have a look.
-Edit - Also perhaps add your sample data that you can see you capture.