simple serial question


I am using an rcm 4010 and trying to communicate via serial to an ssc-12 servo controller.

I need to send three bytes of data, and the basic stamp code would be as follows:

serout 8,n96n, [x,y,z]

where 8 is my pin, n96n is my baud rate, and x, y and z are my bytes.

the example programs i’ve seen that came with dynamic c all seem to be sending strings, and x y and z have to be sent as individual byte values, not as text representations of numbers.

to send serial i’ve found two functions, serXputc() and serXwrite().

so i guess my question is how do i send these bytes serially, and do i use one of the functions above? also, is there an in depth tutorial regarding serial communication with dynamic c?

any help would be very much appreciated.

regards and thanks for the patience,

The way it works for me is to sent hex “strings” and using serPutC. For example to send 10110010 to serial port C you would use serputc (0xB2). To convert binary into hex I found the MS scietific calculator most useful.