Sleep mode -> Pin hibernate -> time to reconnect??


I’m working with ZigBee Pro (S2B) chips.

Until now, I only work with one coordinator and several routers.

These routers has enabled ‘pin hibernate’, also they have ‘DIO7’ disabled.

But when they awake from a sleeping time, they need at least 26 seconds to reconnect to the network. Because they are looking for the coordinator again. Is this right??

I thought that the chips only look for coordinator when you switch off them, not when they are sleep or hibernate.

Could someone help me??



Hello Jorge,

If the devices are sleeping, they are end-devices (routers don’t sleep), in some firmwares, setting the SM != 0 makes the device behave as an end-device.

If the end-devices sleep for too much time its father may delete the entry in the node table and so the device will be disassociated when it wakes-up. To avoid this, set up the SP and SN parameters properly.

The poll timeout is calculated in milliseconds as (3 * SN * (SP * 10ms)), minimum of 5 seconds. i.e. if SN=15, SP=0x64, the timeout is 45 seconds.