SNMP V3 SHA Auth and AES Encryption Support

We are using NET+OS and SNMP V3 and have an initial working application. As we understand it, the Treck Stack only supports HMAC-MD5 authentication and CDC-DES Encryption. If we wanted to add SHA authentication and AES encryption are there any hooks to get called and implement our own? I imagine that even if this is possible it is not trivial, so if anyone has done this are there any samples or white papers?



it is not trivial. The current version is extremely old and lacks modern ciphers. it’s small memory footprint does not allow much space for adding modern stuff.


Thank you for your response, always you are very helpful, I didn’t think this would be easy even if possible. I don’t think space or speed would be an issue for our application. We are using much of the features, including HTTPS, and we have used about 1/2 the space so far. Shame the NET+OS is no longer actively supported as it is a well document and stable BSP/RTOS/STACK. If anything comes up with the V3 or if you have another platform with V3 support keep me in mind.



Hi Adam,
We have newer modules with modern Linux and security protocols.
System-on-Module (SOM) Solutions - Embedded IoT | Digi International.

Those ones for example: