SNTP in Netos5

Ive seen references to SNTP in netos5 source code, but I cant find any documentaion on how to use it. the deviceparamstype structure in netos5 has been upgraded to include a spot for primary and secondary time server addresses, and I also see calls to a function NAStartSntp() in some of the examples, but I havent found any documentation on how to use it. I did find one reference to NAStartSntp in the docs, it said to look at the file NASntp.h , which i cant find in my netos5 folders? Is there any details or documentation on how this works. Please help Blake

It was designed to be part of Net+Os v5.0 yet couldn’t make it however will be part of Net+Os v6.0

Is there an ETA on netos6. I really need sntp functionality and would rather not write it myself if it will be available soon. is netos6 expected soon?

Go to Where you will find a recently build sntp library and a shell application that contains sntp calls to get you going with the current release.