socket( ) error

Hello everyone, I’m having an issue on one of our cards which is running NetOS4 with a NET+50 chip. Our card communicates with a gateway and an email server (sends email, doesn’t receive), and normally is able to do both of these things quite well. However, on certain networks the card will, for reasons which are unclear, fail a ping of the gateway and a simple ‘helo-helo’ test of the email server. It will continue to fail and stop sending out emails until the card is rebooted. Looking into the problem, we determined that the diagnostics are failing at the socket() function: “rawSocket = socket(AF_INET, /SOCK_DGRAM/ SOCK_RAW, 0);” This function returns a -1, and so our diagnostics fail. Which brings me to my question: What are some of the things which can cause this function to return -1? Unfortunately we cannot check what the NetOS error code is (the issue is occuring many miles away, and getting information is increasingly difficult), but I’m just looking for a few starting points of things I can look into. My other question is, can this condition be caused by external forces (e.g, the network?) I appreciate any comments, suggestions, or epithets that people could send at me :wink: Chris