some problem about ftp

hi,i want to use ftp protocol to transmit some video data. But I found when i transmit data repeatly in a short period the Fcputdata( ) function is blocked. The Fcputdata( ) function is placed in a thread. Though I change the time slot allocated to this thread the function still be blocked. what’s more, the blocking happen isn’t relevant to the time nor to the data size. our test program is shown below: /////////////////////////////////////////////////// while(TRUE) { need_send = 8*1024; while(need_send > 0) { // TmpAddr is the start address of send buffer send = FCPutData(session, TmpAddr, need_send, 0); tx_thread_sleep(4); need_send -= send; tmp += send; } }

Why do you want to do that with ftp. You should use the fast socket calls in order to stream video frames at a higher speed. FTP is not designed for such purpose… Plus TCP slows down die to the 3 way handshake, you need UDP to far faster communication.