Sometimes no serial response of TX-16Bit Address


we are sending many broadcast messages from our xbee with an intervall of 100ms, but sometimes (1 of 10) there is no response after a TX-send/16Bit-Address from the xbee module. Even with 3 retries with 500ms delay there is no response. This we can see on the logic analyzer.

Used module:
Xbee-Pro S1 XBP24-ASI-001J revG
Baud of 115200
frame id is incremented (skip zero)
Ack is disabled

what we can do to stabilize the sending process :smiley: ?

We tested different baud rates and all rates bus the 115200 are totally stable.

For now we use baud 57600 and it seems to be okay :slight_smile: :smiley: