SPI Slave Mode

Hi,Does anybody know how to set the NS9750 registers to work in SPI Slave mode using DMA? I am mostly concerned by the Bit-rate register. The Slave SPI is supposed to get the clock from an external source (Master device). How should the bit-rate register be set in this case? Adrian

the NS9750 was not designed to be an SPI slave, the chip is capable but the board and the api’s were developed without the request to have SPI slave. As a development board examples and api’s were developed to prove the chip’s capability, but not necessarily workout all areas of the chip. the NS9750 works well as a SPI master

What does it mean “the board was developed without the request to have SPI slave”? There should be nothing special on the board for SPI slave. Just some jumpers to be solded to get access to the connectors. About the API, I am trying to modify the API (i.e. the BSP code) to work in slave mode. So far, no success. However, transmission seems to be working in slave mode, but it cannot receive any characters (the FIFO is not filled). Please, let me know if there is any silicon bug in the chip for SPI slave mode.