split packet

Hi everyone,

I’m using DigiMesh 900, DigiMesh 2.4 GHz and Xbee-PRO ZB, all of them are Xbee-PRO plugged into a evalutaion board included in the DigiMesh dev kit.
We’ve deploy a system with: two dev board with the modules attached. Every board plug to a pc through USB conection. Therefor,we’ve developped a programme to send data from one mote to the other using the radio link. We use the transparent mode, sending and recieving data to from the serial.
We’re confused due to when the packet arrived it has been split ( we don’t know who has split it, the radio or the serial port). Sometimes one of these split parts of the packet are lost, so we are unable to rebuild the whole packet.
Our data is a payload of 60 bytes and the frequency of the transmision is about 200 miliseconds.
Besides, we’ve tested the programme to send this data using a single cable to conect both pcs and it runs perfectly.

Our aim is to test the radio link in a vehicular enviroment, if anyone knows how to log all the received packets, please let me know.

Any idea or suggestion is welcomed.

Thanks for your time.