SSL-API Non-Blocking ?

I have the problem, that when I try to connect so a HTTPS-Server via the SSL-API and this Server is going down or is not accepting SSL-connections, the whole machine is hanging (watchdog-reboot after a few seconds !!) In the recv-funktion the option NON-BLOCKING is not working either. So if I have to wait for data from an SSL-Server it is not possible to do a non-blocking call. (Workaround with an extra thread works fine but is a little uncomfortable g). has anybody had similar problems? Any suggestions?

If the socket you are using is a non-blocking socket, you should be able to check the results of the connect call and that result should be EINPROGRESS (I believe this is 36 decimal) unless the server refuses the connection (61). Some other errors (such as connection aborted etc.) might be seen, depending on timing. Have you tried checking the socket options after creation or setting the options to see if the socket is in the non-blocking mode?

Thx, I think that solved the problem!