Start a sleeping synchronous network through micropython code

Start a sleeping synchronous network

What I follow to start this sleep network in micro python code

In micro python code in coordinator side I enabled SM =7, SO = 1 ,ST = 1sec,SP = 500ms with short cyclic period as mention in user guide.
Now I powered on new nodes near to the coordinator to get sync message from coordinator. Once new node get sync I have to change
the SP,ST to the value which I want in coordinator side and mention in Xbee 3 DigiMesh 2.4 RF module User Guide.

But in micro python code how I will know that surrounding nodes get sync with coordinator? or at what point I can change the
SP,ST time based on what I want before deploying nodes to their positions? Any suggestion would be appreciable

I would suggest having a non blocking receive function enabled in your code. This way you can get the Status messages as the nodes are added. Once you get them all, then let it sit for x cycles. Then go ahead and adjust the time as needed.

Thank you for your valuable reply ,in my code receive function is in non blocking mode and I’m using xbee.modem_status.receive() to read the status messages but I am getting only 0B and 0C which is woke up and sleep but I’m not receiving any status when the nodes are added looking forward for your response
Thank you