Strange packet received

Hi all,

I have a problem with one of my three modules (XBee 868 PRO).

In one of them I’m sending to module the packet 0x10 (Transmit Frame), with a specific RF Data (my complete name).

Then I have another 2 modules to receive the packet. In one module everything is ok because I receive 0x90 frame (Receive Frame), but in another module I receive the same frame I send to the first module (0x10 - Transmit Frame). Why?

This is a very, very strange problem. I’ve tryed to update firmware and parameters but happens always the same.

Anyone could help me?

Thanks in advance.


PS: I’m using broadcast to send data to the other 2 modules

Try sending the frame from the xbee module which is not working, and check if the other module also receives the same frame 0x10.