TCP sending behavior

Hi, we coma back again. I am still struggling to get the basic TCP working in my NS7520. I have a real time application that will send any message, regardless of the size(1 bytes of 1Mbytes), via the socket. However, i found that the NS7520 will only send out the buffered data until it reach certain threshold. Please advice me on this problem. … Pseudo Code ____________________________ #define gBuffer_size = 1024 #define data_size

Sorry… continue from previous message… ******************************************************* psuedo code **************************************************8 #define APP_Buffer_Size 4096 #define APP_Data_Size 1 #define APP_Num_Loop 1000 char * buffer = {‘K’}; g=socket(AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0); setsockopt for following options: SO_THROUGHPUT,SO_SNDBUF,SO_RCVBUF,SO_BIO,SO_KEEPALIVE bind(); listen(); s=accept(); for(i=0;i